Modify results by defining your filter criteria.
You can search for trades by entering following criteria:
Time range: please enter the time range by choosing the time stamp parts
Currency: you can choose a currency. You retrieve all trades where the choosed currency was used.
Instrument: You can enter any part of the instrument name, you will retrieve all trades, where the instrument name contains the entered string.
ISIN: You can enter any part of the ISIN, you will retrieve all trades where the ISIN contains the entered string.
Price: you can enter a price range for searching trades. You retrieve all trades with a trading price greater or equal the lower limit and lower or equal the upper limit.
If you use more than one criterion, the criteria will be combined by a logical AND, that means, that you retrieve all trades which match all of your entered criteria.
If you do not enter any criteria or if you click first the Clear filter button and then the Refresh filtered data or Start button, you retrieve all trades from the actual day.